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Exact Software offers a range of ERP solutions to suit every size and type of business and includes:


Integrate your business processes in a solid administrative foundation with Exact Globe Next. This user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings together all the information from your business processes in one single solution. This business software thinks along with you, and provides real-time insight into your business performance.

  • One solution for your entire business
  • Real-time dashboard reports
  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • International support
  • Integrate your HRM, CRM, and project management


A total solution for your business processes

Exact Globe Next is the premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for SMEs. With our total solution, you are able to integrate data from various departments into a single information source. Think, for example, of your financial administration, purchasing department, inventory management, production department, or sales department. With automatic alerts, you know exactly what's going on. This gives you the time and the overview you need in order to manage your business processes effectively.


Real-time dashboard reports

See your key figures at a glance thanks to the real-time dashboard reports, which you can view securely, anytime and anywhere: online, on your smartphone, or on your tablet. You can effortlessly zoom in from the summary level to the detail level. Thanks to the clear analysis of Exact Globe Next, you can make the right decisions, at both the operational and the strategic level.


Collaborate more efficiently

Collaborate more easily thanks to Exact Globe Next. All of your information is stored, linked, and managed in a single, central data source. This ensures that everyone has access to the same updated information. This data can be securely shared online, so that you always have all the latest information with you. Likewise, the workflow makes working more orderly, providing a to-do list and a work status overview in one. You can also easily share company news via the integrated intranet feature.

International Support

Work across borders, easily. Exact Globe Next supports various banks, currencies, and (international) laws and regulations. The software is also available in 40 languages. This makes Exact Globe Next ideally suited for companies that operate internationally. Financial reporting, for example, becomes a lot easier. Rest assured that you are compliant with local laws and regulations.

Integrate HRM, CRM and project management

Your organization shifts into high gear when you combine Exact Globe Next with Exact Synergy Enterprise. This lets you automate other business processes such as HRM, CRM, and project management. This provides you with a single comprehensive solution for optimal management of your business.



Improve collaboration within your company and enhance your business results with Exact Synergy. Our solution ensures that all information about your clients, finance and workforce is located in one central place, and that everyone can work with the same up-to-date data. You gain a clear overview of your business.

  • Ensure that staff members all have the same up-to-date information at their disposal.
  • Benefit from a scalable solution that develops with your business goals.
  • Easily retrieve documents, projects or information on employees.
  • Speed up your workflow by linking all information.

Exact Synergy is a solution that covers project management, document management and workflow management, among other areas. It supports your business processes and makes it easy to quickly retrieve any information you require.


Consolidate your processes

Use Exact Synergy to optimise your business processes and boost the efficiency of your organisation, for instance by:

  • storing your documents in one central place. All authorised employees can gain access, regardless of their location.
  • working according to standardised procedures. Requests and tasks can easily be appointed to the right people.
  • integrating relevant project information. Your financials and administration are connected in a single platform.


Immediate results

A transparent and continuous supply of information improves your internal communication. Exact Synergy also reduces a need for routine jobs performed manually. You will notice the results immediately in your company’s divisions:

  • your HR employees will spend less time on administrative tasks, freeing up more time for service and strategy.
  • Sales, Marketing and Customer Services can collaborate in a more structured, customer-oriented way.
  • you can ensure transparency and insight within your financial department.



With Exact Event Manager you can:

  • Build triggers to generate alerts across your entire IT infrastructure
  • Manage customer accounts and instigate dialog
  • Automate your sales force and supply chain initiatives
  • Renew employee benefit renewals without the need for HR intervention
  • Track product lifecycles by automatically recording critical components at inventory levels
  • Generate alerts for risk management by establishing business event notifications of past due contracts, invoices and deliveries
  • Prevent production bottlenecks
  • Manage budgets, supplier project bids and binding service estimates
  • Automate email invoices and inventory tracking



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