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Most businesses, large and small, benefit from ERP systems. Basic duties of the Exact Consultants ensure that data important to a company’s operations gets where it needs to be quickly. This allows a business to adapt to changing information, alter workflow processes which do not work, and even project future operation goals. It is virtually impossible to operate successfully without proper data management.

Main duties of our Exact Consultants include:

  • the development and improvement of organisational strategy alongside Senior Management in many industries
  • the design or improvement of operational processes which can be specific to an industry or sector
  • the execution of an intuitive or overall performance plan for their client



At LogiCare Solutions, we view delivering professional services and support as an essential part in our commitment to the long-term success of our Exact customers. A customer support centre is operated by experienced and highly trained staff who are available to provide support for customers in a range of industries during business hours or other suitable times depending on the SLA.



Every customer is using our solution to solve complex and continually changing business problems. The starting point in meeting these challenges is, of course, advanced software specialized to address the needs of companies. To complement and enhance these advanced software requirements, LogiCare Solutions ERP solution experts are available to help you get up and running quickly so you reduce the time it takes to begin getting real business value from your investment. LogiCare Solutions have completed many successful integrations in various industries which our experts keep running efficiently and cost effectively throughout its lifecycle.

Examples of our integrations include:

  • Medical industry – Financial and master data EDI interface between the medical administration system and Exact. These interfaces allow our customers to make tens of thousands of payments on a weekly basis without having to capture any information.
  • Logistic industry – Purchase / sales order / stock movement EDI interface between third party systems and Exact. These interfaces allow our customers to upload new purchase- and sales orders via the Exact XML module. Return messages containing delivery information are then send back to the suppliers / customers.
  • Fresh produce industry – Fruit sales / purchase EDI interface between packing / distribution system and Exact. These interfaces allow our customers to upload sales invoices and create payments to producers based on complex calculations and parameters.


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